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Do students need to bring a high-end PC device if they are doing media, design or music?

No, the school will continue to provide subject specific hardware for relevant subjects.

What happens if my child requires technical support or service to use their device?

The school will provide IT support for students when the nature of the support involves connectivity with, or the interface with, the The Forest High School's network. All other technical support requirements will be the responsibility of the student and family.

Should I purchase 3G or 4G for my child?

Student access to internet and other services will be more than adequately provided for by the school. If students have access to home Wi-Fi, when not at school, they will not require 3G or 4G internet.

Will my child require an itunes or (microsoft market place) account to purchase apps for learning?

Students will not be expected to purchase apps for learning unless listed on a text list, and readily available for all device types. From time to time students may come across apps that are applicable to their learning. Parents will have the option to purchase these apps if they choose, however, they will not be a requirement for student learning.

Will my child's device be covered by the school's insurance?

No, parents are encouraged to refer to their home and content policies to ensure that their child's device is covered while at school.

Should my child's device have virus protection software?

We suggest that where anti-virus software exists, such software should be installed and be kept current.

Can my child use digital texts in place of hard copy versions?

This will be a matter of student personal choice and text availability in digital form. If a digital text version is available for a specified text, and is compatible with the device type, students will be able to use e-books at their discretion.

What about children's writing skills? Won't they still need to write for examinations?

Yes, students will still be expected to write during normal teaching and learning processes. Students will also be expected to maintain a class workbook for most subject areas.

How will my child's development in literacy be affected by their having increased access to digital resources?

Student personal devices will increase opportunity for student development of information literacy. Literacy will continue to be a primary focus at the school. With appropriate use of the devices in teaching and learning, student development in literacy will be deepened.

Can my child's device activity be monitored?

When a student is logged on to the school's Wi-Fi their internet activity can currently, and will continue to be monitored.

Will students have access to social media during the school day?

No, students currently have no access to social media sites during the school day.  The school aims to educate students in regard to social media.

What information will be provided to parents to support their child's learning under the BYOD program?

The school will continue to support parents through regular forums, newsletters & the school's website.