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Conversation Club

Every Tuesday The Forest High School celebrates diversity and multiculturalism through our weekly lunch program - Conversation Club.

We welcome students from all diverse backgrounds to come and join in language games, collaborative workshops, and a healthy lunch provided by our community partners ‘Woolworths’.

Our main goal is to support students in making meaningful connections with peers from different backgrounds and cultures through their holistic development of language and relationship-building skills. We have seen overwhelming success in the way our Tibetan, Indigenous and International students socialise and develop lifelong friendships with one another, and we are always ready and enthused to welcome new students who would like a safe, fun and interactive place to spend their lunchtimes and have a chat with someone new. 

We offer a variety of language and literacy games to help develop students’ reading, writing, speaking and listening skills and confidence, but also provide students with the opportunity to be a part of a rewarding and supportive student community - where everyone feels accepted. Every month we also have a range of local heroes come to speak at Conversation Club to motivate, inspire and help “get the conversation started”; this year alone we have heard from business owners, humanitarian CEO’s, Olympians and members from our dedicated P&C. Conversation is proudly run by our EALD staff at the Forest High School, and also largely supported by our P&C.

For more information please contact Ms Weatherall in our English Faculty, A Block.